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The King Edward VII School Science Center is located at King Edward VII School in Johannesburg.  The project is a series of classroom facility upgrades as well as an amphi-theatre pavilion for outdoor teaching.


The brief to the architect was to propose a scheme as a fund raising platform from Old Boy donors such as the Victor Daitz Trust.  The design brief was to upgrade the existing classrooms and design an interactive exterior space.


From the outset, the project of the pavilion was envisaged as a square box with concrete steps leading to a unique visual element drawing the user into the space creating visual interest. The materials envisioned would be the combination of steel, concrete, brick and aluminum.


This thus led to the pavilion being designed as a square corten-steel pop out box on top of the structure drawing the user into the space creating a strong linear line of movement. This “box” would then be used as a display cabinet for scientific equipment, a tiny “museum”. Geometrical and mathematical elements where also used, in the engraved decorative elements, doubling up as dividers for privacy and shade. This added life and substance to the project allowing the educational material to become part of the main design.  


The classroom where designed with the main focus on education. Creating a comfortable environment where science is the priority. Each classroom as been designed uniquely for the desired needs of the pupils. To add individuality within the design each classroom as been assigned a different colour allowing the space to come alive.


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